Visual Vibrometry for use in NDE

Student: Lucy Dougill. Supervisors: Anthony Croxford & Paul Wilcox, Bristol

Early defect detection and material characterisation using non-linear ultrasound

Student: Zubeir Saib. Supervisors: Bruce Drinkwater & Anthony Croxford, Bristol

Low-frequency Vibration Inspection of Sandwich Composites

Student: Joshua Aigbotsua. Supervisors: Bruce Drinkwater & Mahdi Azarpeyvand, Bristol

Coded Excitation of Ultrasound for Improved Signal Acquisition in Pipeline Inspection Robots

Student: Connor Challinor. Supervisor: Fred Cegla, Imperial

Ultrasonic Inspection for Complex Geometry

Student: Matt Chandler. Supervisor: Anthony Croxford, Bristol

Student: Adam Gilmour. Supervisor: Gordon Dobbie, Strathclyde

Student: Dave Harra. Supervisor: Katy Tant, Strathclyde

Measurement Interpretation for Guided Wave Testing

Student: Mikolaj Mroszczak. Supervisor: Peter Huthwaite, Imperial

In-line Eddy-Current Testing (ECT) of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)

Student: Meirbek Mussatayev. Supervisors: Rob Hughes & Paul Wilcox, Bristol

Advanced NDE in Future Oil and Gas Inspection

Student: Ewan Nicolson. Supervisor: Charles MacLeod, Strathclyde

Material Characterization using Ultrasonic Testing

Student: Melody Png. Supervisor: Bo Lan & Mike Lowe, Imperial

Novel Ultrasonic Coupling Materials

Student: Qin Feng. Supervisor: Bruce Drinkwater, Bristol

Student: Luke Smith. Supervisor: Steve Dixon, Warwick

Ultrasound Driven, In-Process Fusion Welding Inspection & Control 

Student: Nina Sweeney. Supervisor: Charles MacLeod, Strathclyde

Student: Weixin Wang. Supervisors: Jie Zhang & Paul Wilcox, Bristol

Autonomous NDT with Inductively Coupled Transducer System (ICTS) 

Student: Yangjie Chen. Supervisor: Anthony Croxford, Bristol