Explainable AI in Ultrasonic NDT

Yuyang Liu supervised by Anthony Croxford & Paul Wilcox at Bristol

Visual Vibrometry for use in NDE

Lucy Dougill supervised by Anthony Croxford & Paul Wilcox at Bristol

Early defect detection and material characterisation using non-linear ultrasound

Zubeir Saib supervised by Bruce Drinkwater & Anthony Croxford at Bristol

Low-frequency Vibration Inspection of Sandwich Composites

Joshua Aigbotsua supervised by Bruce Drinkwater & Mahdi Azarpeyvand at Bristol

Coded Excitation of Ultrasound for Improved Signal Acquisition in Pipeline Inspection Robots

Connor Challinor supervised by Fred Cegla at Imperial

Ultrasonic Inspection for Complex Geometry

Matt Chandler supervised by Anthony Croxford at Bristol

Robotic Inspection of Complex Welds

Adam Gilmour supervised by Gordon Dobbie at Strathclyde

Ultrasonic Characterisation of Micro-Texture Regions in Titanium Alloys

Dave Harra supervised by Katy Tant at Strathclyde

Measurement Interpretation for Guided Wave Testing

Mikolaj Mroszczak supervised by Peter Huthwaite at Imperial

In-line Eddy-Current Testing (ECT) of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)

Meirbek Mussatayev supervised by Rob Hughes & Paul Wilcox at Bristol

Advanced NDE in Future Oil and Gas Inspection

Ewan Nicolson supervised by Charles MacLeod at Strathclyde

Material Characterization using Ultrasonic Testing

Melody Png supervised by Bo Lan & Mike Lowe at Imperial

Novel Ultrasonic Coupling Materials

Qin Feng supervised by Bruce Drinkwater at Bristol

Clamp-on Ultrasonics Guided Wave Flow Measurement in Thin-Walled Pipes

Luke Smith supervised by Steve Dixon at Warwick

Ultrasound Driven, In-Process Fusion Welding Inspection & Control 

Nina Sweeney supervised by Charles MacLeod at Strathclyde

Metallic material grain structure characterization using ultrasonic arrays

Weixin Wang supervised by Jie Zhang & Paul Wilcox at Bristol

Autonomous NDT with Inductively Coupled Transducer System (ICTS) 

Yangjie Chen supervised by Anthony Croxford at Bristol 

Characterisation of grain microstructures in metals using ultrasound

Andre Lello supervised by Bo Lan at Imperial

Liquid Crystal Sensors for Ultrasound Detection

Martha Turvey supervised by Rachel Edwards at Warwick

Laser induced 2D phased array for composite material inspection

Lily Tu supervised by Paul Wilcox & Alberto Gambaruto at Bristol

Robotic pipe inspection with ultrasonic sensor arrays

Alex Towlson supervised by Bruce Drinkwater & Anthony Croxford at Bristol

Machine Learning for NDE Inspection

Shaun McKnight supervised by Gareth Pierce at Strathclyde

Smart Metallurgy 

Peng Jin supervised by Richard Smith & Matt Clark at Nottingham

Automated analysis approaches for Structural Health Monitoring on aerospace primary structure with ultrasonic and electromagnetic sensor arrays

Will Punter supervised by Rob Hughes & Bruce Drinkwater at Bristol

Defect Characterisation Using Ultrasound Arrays

James Junlei An supervised by Jie Zhang, Nicolas Larossa & Sasha Velichko at Bristol

Super-resolution 3D ultrasound tomography for material microstructure characterisation

Zhenshan Wang supervised by Sasha Velichko & Jie Zhang at Bristol

Collaborative and hybrid robotic techniques for NDT measurements

Matthew Shields supervised by Gareth Pierce & Randika Vithanage at Strathclyde

Non-destructive evaluation of residual stress using the collaborative robot 

Brandon Mills supervised by Yashar Javadi at Strathclyde