University: Imperial College London. Supervisor: Dr. F. Cegla, Prof Mike Lowe. Sponsor: NDT Global. Contact: Start date: Immediate Start Date

This project will evaluate the uses of coded sequences for applications in inline inspection robots. We will investigate the effect of the sequence design on SNR and Dynamic Range of the measurements under the constraints of realistic robot operation conditions, e.g., travel speed and received signal power. We will explore the effect of the number of transducers that can be simultaneously used with the particular sets of coded sequences and the resulting opportunities to improve robot speed and/or transducer density in an ultrasound module on the robot. Furthermore, changes to the coding will be analyzed to see if they can be optimized for specific inspection conditions.  Finally, we will assess the type of electronics hardware that is required to build an effective acquisition system.

Suitable candidates will be required to complete an electronic application form at Imperial College London in order for their qualifications to be addressed by College Registry.