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Apply for these research projects to secure fully-funded studentships

We are now recruiting for students intending to start in autumn 2022. If you are interested in starting before then, please enquire at

We have a range of PhD and EngD projects and industrial sponsors for applicants to choose from. Applications are open now for the projects listed below:

International applicants

The competition for funding for international applicants is now closed.

iCase – PhD Studentship – Data Science for Improved Ultrasonic Measurement of Corrosion

University of Bristol – Supervisor: Professor Anthony Croxford and Professor Paul Wilcox
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EngD studentships

EngD students will receive a generous further top-up from their sponsor company of at least £5,000 a year.

EngD Studentship in Next Generation Smart Pigs for Industrial Pipework

University of Strathclyde – Supervisor: Dr Gordon Dobie – Industrial sponsor: Cokebusters

Feasibility Study into the Use of Augmented Reality for Non-Destructive Testing

University of Manchester – Supervisor: Prof Anthony Peyton – Industrial sponsor: Jacobs

A numerical 3D modelling code for simulation of crack morphology UT data

Imperial College London – Supervisor: Dr Peter Huthwaite – Industrial Sponsor: Baker Hughes

Guided Wave inspection of pipe sections covered by support structures

Imperial College London – Supervisor: Prof Mike Lowe – Industrial sponsor: EDF

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Aerospace Composites at the Manufacturing Stage

University of Strathclyde – Supervisors: Dr Ehsan Mohseni & Prof Gareth Pierce – Industrial sponsor: Spirit Aerosystems

PhD studentships

Advancing quantitative imaging routines for NDE

Imperial College London – Dr Peter Huthwaite

Combined Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic NDT

University of Manchester – Supervisors: Dr Wuliang Yin, Dr Michael O’Toole & Prof Anthony Peyton

Development of instrumentation for optical generation and detection of ultrasound for adaptive Laser Induced Phased Arrays

University of Strathclyde – Dr Theodosia Stratoudaki

High temperature focused EMAT arrays

University of Warwick – Dr Rachel Edwards

In-process ultrasonic inspection of additively manufactured components with complex geometries

University of Strathclyde – Dr Katy Tant, Dr Charles Macleod

Industrial implementation of new techniques for inspection of rough defects

Imperial College London – Supervisors: Prof Mike Lowe & Prof Richard Craster

Measuring the Crystallographic Orientation and Elastic Constants of Multigrain Material

University of Nottingham – Supervisors: Prof Richard Smith & Prof Matt Clark

Modelling Ultrasound Waves in Additively Manufactured Metallic Components

University of Bristol & University of Strathclyde – supervisors: Prof Tony Mulholland & Dr Katy Tant

NDE of Li-ion batteries

Imperial College London – Dr Bo Lan, Dr Frederic Cegla


University of Nottingham – Supervisors: Prof Richard Smith & Prof Matt Clark

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