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Key People 

Prof Bruce Drinkwater – FIND-CDT Director. He is an internationally-regarded academic with a strong track record in doctoral training having successfully graduated 17 doctoral students, all of whom have completed their studies on-time. He has specific experience of CDT management as the Bristol Co-director of both the CDT in Quantitative NDE and the new CDT in Future Innovation (FIND). Drinkwater also has proven ability at leading large and complex projects, e.g., he has led a £4M EPSRC Programme Grant, is on the Executive Board of RCNDE and leads the University of Bristol’s NDE group which has 5 academics and 20 doctoral students.

Dr Anthony Croxford – University of Bristol Course Director. He is a Mechanical Engineer who has won numerous teaching awards at Bristol and founded a spin-out (Inductosense) in 2016 that has attracted £2M in investment. E:

Prof Peter Cawley – Imperial College London. Technology Transfer Champion. He is a Mechanical Engineer who leads the NDT group at Imperial, is a pioneer of guided wave ultrasonics and founder of two successful spin-outs. E:

Dr Rachel Edwards – University of Warwick. Public engagement Champion. She is a Physicist with multidisciplinary research interests covering non-contact ultrasound for NDE and materials characterisation who won the Warwick award for her engagement with schools in 2017. E:

Prof Gareth Pierce – University of Strathclyde. Student feedback and support Champion. Is a multidisciplinary Engineer who leads the Autonomous Systems for Inspection research group at Strathclyde. E: 

Prof Matt Clark  – University of Nottingham. Networking and cohort building activities Champion. He leads the Optics and Photonics Research Group in the Faculty of Engineering at Nottingham. E:

Prof Tony Peyton – University of Manchester. SME and supply chain engagement Champion. He is an Electrical Engineer at Manchester who is an expert on electromagnetic sensing for NDT and security applications. E: