Research Outputs

Research papers from our Students

E Nicholson, D Lines, E Mohseni and C N MacLeod – Single-Bit Reception with Coded Excitation for Lightweight Advanced Ultrasonic Imaging Systems

E Nicholson, E Mohseni, D Lines, K M M Tant, G Pierce and C N MacLeod – Towards an In-Process Ultrasonic Phased Array Inspection Method for Narrow-Gap Welds

E Nicholson, E Mohseni, K A Sumana, D Lines, G Pierce and C N MacLeod – Dual-Tandem Phased Array Method for Imaging of Near-Vertical Defects in Narrow-Gap Welds

A R K Towlson, A J Croxford and B W Drinkwater – Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Arrays for Assessment of Pipe Internal Geometry and Surface Condition

A R K Towlson, A J Croxford and B W Drinkwater – Ultrasonic Nondestructive Characterization of Blockages and Defects in Underground Pipes

M G Chandler, A J Croxford and P D Wilcox – Defect detection in the presence of geometrical artefacts

F Qin, J Zhang and B W Drinkwater – A Manufacturability-Driven Method for Designing Metamaterial Focusing Acoustical Lenses

A Gilmour, M Tabatabaeipour, R McMillan, K Tzaferis, R Hampson, W Jackson, D Zhang, A Lawley, A Mohamed, C N MacLeod, A Gachagan, G Pierce and G Dobie – Robotic Ultrasonic Inspection of Large and Complex Structural Assets

A Gilmour, A Ulrichsen, W Jackson, M Tabatabaeipour, G Dobie, C N MacLeod, P Murray and B Karkera – Using Phased Array Ultrasound to Localize Probes During the Inspection of Welds

A Gilmour, W Jackson, D Zhang, G Dobie, C N MacLeod, B Karkera and T Barber – Robotic Positioning for Quality Assurance of Feature-Sparse Components Using a Depth-Sensing Camera

X L Tu, J Zhang, A M Gambaruto and P D Wilcox – A framework for computing directivities for ultrasonic sources in generally anisotropic, multi-layered media

X L Tu, J Zhang, A M Gambaruto and P D Wilcox – Finite element modelling strategy for determining directivity of thermoelastically generated laser ultrasound

X L Tu, R J Pyle, A J Croxford and P D Wilcox – Potential and limitations of NARX for defect detection in guided wave signals

M Mussatayev, Q Yi, M Fitzgerald, V K Maes, P Wilcox and R Hughes – Directional eddy current probe configuration for in-line detection of out-of-plane wrinkles

Y Chen, A Croxford, P D Wilcox and J Zhang – A thickness correction algorithm for permanently installed inductively coupled ultrasonic transducer systems

N Pilashev, R Smith and P D Wilcox – Analytic-signal ultrasonic porosity evaluation in CFRP components

M McInnes, R O’Leary, A Gachagan and A Glover РImproving CIVA simulation of PAUT inspection using experimental TCG calibration data

Zhichao Li, Luke Smith, Steve Dixon – Design of Miniature Clamp -On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Transducers

Steve Dixon, Zhichao Li, Matt Baker, Xhorxh, Bush, Luke Smith – Clamp-On Measurements of Fluid Flow in Small-Diameter Metal Pipes Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves

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