University of Strathclyde 

Supervisors: Dr Katherine Tant and Charles Macleod

Building on the momentum of the RCNDE4 project Automated Compensation for In-Process Ultrasonic Additive & Weld Inspection’, this PhD project will look at extending and adapting the thermal and microstructural compensation methods developed there to consider inspections of complex build geometries. Two research questions will be addressed: iCan complex and dynamic component geometries be accurately mapped out in near real-time using in-process ultrasonic time of flight data, where extreme thermal gradients cause distortion of the expected wave paths? and ii) Can this knowledge of the component geometry, coupled with models of the thermal gradient (as a function of process parameters) be used to better constraiand drive the microstructure mapping problem? Fully automated in loop capability will be demonstrated on test structures manufactured for aerospace and oil and gas applications (with other industrial members applications supported as appropriate). 


  • Near real-time mapping of dynamic complex component boundaries from ultrasonic wave parameters and in-process time of flight measurements where a thermal gradient is present and microstructural effects are negligible. 

  • Mapping of complex and spatially varying microstructures from ultrasonic wave data using models of the thermal gradient and the complex build geometry to constrain the problem. 

  • Experimental inspection and imaging of complex shaped additive builds 
  • Trials and integration of imaging advances within RoboWAAM – The world’s first combined WAAM and In-Process NDE Cell.