PhD Studentship in ‘2D optics’ with guided waves using magnetostrictive patches

University of Warwick

Supervisor: Dr Oksana Trushkevych

Magnetostriction is a highly efficient way of generating ultrasound waves. Magnetostrictive alloys can be rolled into thin sheets and easily cut into patches. Such patches can produce shear displacements and generate different types of guided waves when excited with magnetic field. Guided waves are highly promising in the fields ultrasound health monitoring and non-destructive testing as they allow large areas to be inspected from a fixed position, including areas that cannot be accessed directly.

This project will aim to gain control over ultrasonic guided wave beam profiles using strategies such as geometric focusing and waveguiding, capitalising on the flexibility of the generation and detection geometries. This will underpin a variety of applications in NDT non-conductive materials such as composites and laminates as well as steel and other conductive materials.

The main objectives would be

  • Achieve geometric focusing using magnetostrictive patch transducers
  • Explore possibilities of generating complex beam profiles that would be sensitive to specific defect types (e.g. radial cracks around bolts)
  • Research the feasibility of developed systems for NDT in industrial context

You will be involved in practical work as well as modelling, will work in interdisciplinary environment and will have excellent opportunities to engage with industry through Research Centre in Non-Destructive Testing (RCNDE).