Research project: Automated defect detection for image based NDT methods using Machine Learning

Sponsor: Rolls-Royce



Why you choose did you choose the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training to do your PhD/EngD?

I had some experience in NDT as my final year project during my undergraduate was performing ultrasonic testing of failed water pipe joints. This project was working alongside an EngD student who had drawn my attention to the variety of Doctoral Training Centres there are. When I started considering undertaking an EngD for myself, I came across the RCNDE. It had a number of highly reputable universities and companies involved and had some really exciting projects going on so I knew I wanted to get involved!

How does it feel to work with world-leading academics and have an important exposure to industry?

The guidance I have received during my EngD has been next to none. The opportunity to work with academics with so much experience and contacts has been so helpful. It’s also been great to get experience within industry. During my EngD, I have spent two years based at Rolls-Royce which has allowed me to do a lot of networking and get involved in other projects and opportunities which I wouldn’t have had the chance to do had I been based atthe university.

What facilities do you use?

At Rolls-Royce I have access to state of the art NDT processes and the data obtained from these. Both Imperial College London and Rolls-Royce also have high specification machines which are great for doing Machine Learning on.

What are your career aspirations and how this PhD/EngD helped you to achieve them so far?

I would love to continue working in the area of automation for NDT. Machine learning is such an exciting and rapidly growing field and there are so many opportunities for these methods to make a massive impact in non-destructive testing. I believe during my time as an EngD student I have learnt so many skills that have helped my further this work but I have only scratched the surface! Being able to develop these technologies further and see the implementation of them on the shop floor is something I aspire to achieve.