University of Strathclyde

Supervisors: Dr Gordon Dobie & Dr Ehsan Mohseni

Industry Partner: Cokebusters

The Cokebusters’ intelligent pig is unique; a single bodied, untethered, bi-direction inspection tool. The intelligent pig is suited not only to the complex serpentine coil networks found within heaters and steam generators, but also to other process piping systems and pipelines. Ultrasonic in nature, the intelligent pig is propelled by liquid flow. Data is post processed to create informed reporting and the generation of navigable 3D image files. 

Cokebusters would like to host an EngD to develop next generation smart pigs. They will consider NDT methods and signal processing techniques with the aim being to provide some (or all) of the following improvements: 

  • Increased coverage
  • Increased POD for small defects
  • Increased POD for small defects
  • Add an ability to detect cracks
  • Add Internal surface profiling/imaging
  • Add an ability to work in product rather than water
  • Add an ability to work in gas filled pipes (enabling market expansion)

About Cokebusters

Established in 2005, Cokebusters has become a leading service provider in the field of mechanical decoking and in-line inspection of process piping within fired heaters, HRSG/OTSG boilers, transfer lines and pipelines. From our two headquarters in the United Kingdom and the United States, we are able to consistently deliver high quality services to energy industries worldwide. 

Location – Chester.