Research Project: Inline non-destructive evaluation of additive manufacturing

Sponsor: Rolls-Royce




Why did you choose the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training to do your PhD/EngD?

It was very much the project and the sponsor company. The project was within the scope of the things I wanted to do going forward and the company was one that I wanted to work with.

How does it feel to work with world-leading academics and have an important exposure to industry?

Sometimes intimidating as they know a lot more about a lot more things compared to what you know. But its about asking the correct questions and understanding your small area the best you can and trying to be an expert in that area. Industry exposure is helpful in terms on networking and getting to know the correct people in the correct place to help you when you finish the EngD.

What facilities do you use?

University of Nottingham Laser Ultrasonics and Additive Manufacturing Facilities

What are your career aspirations and how this PhD/EngD helped you to achieve them so far?

To work for my sponsoring company and/or an organisation that’s very well aligned with the outcomes of my EngD. Highlights would be the variety of small projects I have had the opportunity be involved in as part of my university research group. Also being part of the RR EngD network committee.