University of Bristol/University of Manchester

Supervisors Dr Rob Hughes & Prof. Tony Peyton
Sponsors:  The Welding Institute (TWI)  

Eddy-current sensors are highly sensitive to the local geometry of the material under inspection, leading to undesirable geometric signals at edges and corners where manufacturing errors are more likely to occur. These geometric signals limit the sensitivity of ECT measurements in these environments.  This project will explore methods of eliminating or isolating geometric signals in ECT measurements to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of defect indications in challenging regions in order to minimise or remove geometric effects.  The student will investigate the optimisation of sensor designs, measurement techniques and data-processing methods to develop prototype inspection techniques for these challenges. 

 Students engaged in the projects below will learn valuable and transferrable skills in experimental inspection techniques and data-processing, would be collaboratively supervised by academics at the Universities of Bristol and Manchester, and would work closely with TWI.