Research project: Spiral 2D Array Designs for Volumetric Imaging

Sponsor: Alba Ultrasound 

Andrew left Alba in 2012 to join PZFlex, who specialise in simulation of ultrasonic devices and systems. He is now the Co-founder of OnScale, which builds on the success of PZFlex’s powerful solvers, creating a cloud simulation platform that powers engineering simulation

 Why you choose did you choose the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training to do your PhD/EngD?

EngD gives an excellent balance of commercial and research experience which is quite unique.

What was your particular research project?

The main focus of my EngD thesis was to investigate the design and manufacture of sparse 2D ultrasonic arrays using fractal layouts. The techniques developed allow the number of array elements to be reduced, without affecting the functional performance of the arrays for NDE applications. A prototype array was produced, and its imaging capability demonstrated on dissimilar metal welds.

How does it feel to work with world-leading academics and have an important exposure to industry?

It’s exciting! I feel very fortunate to have been surrounded by exceptional people throughout my career. Every day is a school day!

What facilities did you use?

Labs at University of Strathclyde. Collaborated with Peak NDT for use of their array controllers. Collaborated with University of Bristol for use of their lab facilities.

What are your career aspirations and how this PhD/EngD helped you to achieve them so far?

My aspiration is to make OnScale the premier platform for engineering simulation. We have a long way to go, but my EngD has stood me in good stead. I would say the highlight of my time at the centre was receiving taught courses from some leading lights in the industry. It’s a privilege to get real time with some of the leading professors in our field.