University: University of Warwick. Supervisor: Prof. Steve Dixon. Start date: October 2021

The need to measure the flow of liquids through pipes arises across all industries and ultrasonic measurement of flow is a well established technique. The areas where current technology falls short is for the measurement of flow in smaller bore pipe work (<25mm diameter) and for thin walled metal pipes, where the presence of large amplitude guided waves can cause issues. The ability to clamp an ultrasonic sensor onto the outside of a small diameter pipe and accurately measure liquid flow ultilising guided waves travelling along the pipe without cutting into a pipe and interrupt flow to measure the sensor will be invaluable across a diverse range of industrial and other applications. Many of the RCNDE board and associate members operate processes or equipment that has fluid flowing through pipes, and there is a requirement to be able to measure fluid flow without interrupting or otherwise interfering with the pipe and the flow of its contents.

Scope of Work:  

FE simulations of ultrasonic measurement

Design & construction of test instruments and flow rig.

Measurements and evaluation of system accuracy and performance


This studentship covers fees at the home/EU rate, a stipend of £16877 per annum and the full technical and professional training programme as part of the FIND CDT.