University: University of Warwick  Supervisor: Dr Rachel Edwards  Start date: October 2021

We have recently started to develop miniaturised EMATs for Rayleigh and SH wave inspection. This has the joint advantages of improving spatial resolution, and making implementation onto a robotic platform simpler, particularly for inspection of ferritic steel. It has the downside of reducing SNR, but a number of routes are being investigated for improving signal analysis. Some work has been done on SH wave inspection during the core RCNDE research project. However, there is much more that can be done, for example improving SNR using phasing techniques, performing data fusion between different analysis results, and looking at intelligent operation of robots to ensure a high probability of detection of defects.

Scope of work: 

Miniaturisation of EMATs, designs for different wavemodes

Design of automated inspection, using data fusion between ultrasonic NDT

Intelligent operation of robots 


This studentship covers fees at the home/EU rate, a stipend of £16877 per annum and the full technical and professional training programme as part of the FIND CDT.