University: University of Manchester  Supervisors: Dr Wuliang Yin and Professor Anthony Peyton

Start date: October 2021

Additive manufacturing of metal components has emerged as a very promising manufacturing technology with a number of unique advantages such as rapid prototyping of complex parts, efficient use of materials/energy, a high degree of design freedom, the manufacturing of small batch sizes at reasonable unit costs and a high degree of product customisation 

At the same time, there are particular microstructure features and defects associated with AM technology which compromise the reliability of the process and the quality of the final built parts. For example, due to the repeated layer-upon-layer melting and rapid solidification of the metal AM process, parts experience a complex thermal history involving directional heat transfer.  

Building upon our experience and expertise in electromagnetic (EM) sensor system design, EM computation and imaging, this project aims to realise a new real-time in-process NDT/E sensing system and related inspection protocol for improving the quality control of AM processes. The sensor system and inspection protocol intend to inspect/monitor AM processes at each inter-pass stage and identify defects from sensor outputs in real time. 


This studentship covers fees at the home/EU rate, a stipend of £16877 per annum and the full technical and professional training programme as part of the FIND CDT.