University: Imperial College London. Supervisor: Prof. Michael Lowe. Sponsor: Rolls-Royce Submarines.Contact: Start date: Immediate

The aim of this doctoral research is to develop new simulation tools for NDE techniques used for the inspection of safety critical components. It is expected that the research will primarily involve the use of hybrid finite element techniques for the simulation of ultrasonic wave scattering; however, the development of other techniques may also be appropriate.

The project is sponsored by Rolls-Royce Submarines. Rolls-Royce is responsible for the design, manufacture and maintenance of the nuclear power plants at the heart of these submarines. Safety critical reactor components are inspected both during manufacture and periodically in-service, using a range of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques. This project will deliver simulation tools and results which will be directly used to aid in the verification and validation of these techniques.

The student will work at Imperial College London before relocating to Rolls-Royce Submarines in Derby for a significant portion of their studies, where they will work within the NDE Research team, with frequent trips to Imperial College. The student will work alongside engineers developing inspections and will have the opportunity to influence how inspections are justified. For more information, visit

Suitable candidates will be required to complete an electronic application form at Imperial College London in order for their qualifications to be addressed by College Registry. The student will also be required to obtain UK security clearance.