University of Bristol/Manchester

Supervisor:  Dr Robert Hughes/Professor Tony Peyton

Industrial Sponsor: EtherNDE

There are many design variables in carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials that influence the micro and therefore macro-structural features of a sample, affecting the electrical properties of the components. These include fibre orientations, stacking sequence and ply-density. No work has yet explored in detail how these critical structural variables influence the electromagnetic properties of CFRP materials, such scientific understanding is of fundamental importance for ECT of these advanced composites.  In addition, simulation technique for eddy-current inspection of CFRP remains rudimentary, which this project will also help to advance.  A detailed investigation into these relationships is the critical missing link required to develop, validate, and implement accurate models for property inversion of these materials. In this project, sponsored by EtherNDE, the student will work with academics at the Universities of Bristol and Manchester, to evaluate these relationships experimentally and expand upon finite-element models and multi-frequency data-analysis techniques to characterise CFRP properties from eddy-current measurements. 

Students engaged in the projects below will learn valuable and transferrable skills in experimental inspection techniques, data-processing, and modelling, would be collaboratively supervised by academics at the Universities of Bristol and Manchester, and would work closely with EtherNDE (the UK’s only manufacturer of ECT inspection systems) and industrial users.