• Radiography training course


Be part of something bigger.


No matter which university you choose to undertake your doctorate, you will be part of the programme’s consortium of six top UK universities, enabling you to network with fellow students and share knowledge, resources and activities. The six universities are:

Imperial College London

University of Strathclyde 

University of Nottingham

University of Bristol 

University of Warwick 

The University of Manchester

In addition to your research project, as a Postgraduate Researcher, you will have access to a range of training and development activities which begins with a shared induction period followed by a structured series of events including conferences, shared residential training modules, networking and participation in RCNDE events. The multi-university operation means that in addition to the CDT cohort experience, the REs benefit from a parallel cohort experience in their own universities plus networking with a large number of researchers in the RCNDE community. This is in contrast to a traditional PhD where you would train in specific research-based skills as an individual or as part of a small research group.